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Intellimetrix provides professional training and consulting services in the area of Linux and Open Source software, other embedded operating systems, and software and firmware design and development for embedded computing in general. Our extensive background in both hardware and software for embedded applications allows us to quickly focus on the customerís specific needs and deliver a cost-effective solution.  Make Intellimetrix your value-added partner for high quality embedded computing training and solutions.

New at Intellimetrix


Embedded Linux Learning Kit Upgraded
The Embedded Linux Learning Kit has been upgraded to the Mini2451 single board computer, the successor to the Mini2440. The new board features twice the RAM (128 MB vs. 64 MB) and twice the NAND flash (256 MB vs. 128 MB). The Supervivi boot loader supports burning NAND flash from an SD card.

But perhaps the most useful improvement is that the LEDs and pushbuttons have been moved to the edge of the board so you can get to them without removing the LCD panel.


Instructor-Led Online Training
We're now offering our 3-day Linux seminars in an interactive, instructor-led online format. Get the training you need in the comfort of your home or office at an affordable price. Details here.


Embedded Linux class available online through UC San Diego Extension

Our popular Hands on Embedded Linux class has been adapted to an online format by UC San Diego Extension.  This 3-unit class is part of UCSD's certificate program in Embedded Computer Engineering.  Course details here.  Next section is starting April 9.

Embedded Linux Learning Kit

The Embedded Linux Learning Kit (E.L.L.K.) teaches embedded Linux in a practical, self-paced, hands-on environment, taking you step-by-step through the process of building and testing real embedded applications on real hardware. The kit is complete with single board computer, cables, universal power supply, CD with tools and sample programs, and study guide.

The recently upgraded kit incorporates:

  • Fedora 17

  • Kernel version 3.6

  • BusyBox 1.20.2

  • Eclipse Juno, 4.2

Embedded Linux Learning Kit

Learn how to:

  Set up boot parameters and boot Linux
  Configure and build the Linux kernel

  Build and debug application code over the network

  Build and use embedded tools such as BusyBox and the U-boot boot loader

  Create network-based applications including a simple web server

Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications, 3rd Edition

Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications

The long-awaited third edition of Doug Abbott's highly regarded Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications is now available.  This is almost a complete rewrite, highlighting the numerous advances in the embedded Linux ecosystem since the second edition was published in 2006.

This new edition focuses on application programming in a cross-development environment using a typical ARM-based target board.  Doug takes you through the process of setting up a cross-development environment and using Eclipse to create and debug applications.  The book goes on to look at configuring and building the Linux kernel and offers an introduction to kernel modules and device drivers.

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Download the sample code here


Embedded Linux and Device Driver courses are online at GoGoTraining

Our Hands-on Embedded Linux and Linux Device Driver courses have also been adapted to an online format by

Here's a sample lesson from the Embedded Linux class.



 Embedded Linux Development Using Eclipse

Embedded Linux Development using Eclipse The open source Eclipse platform has become the de facto standard IDE for embedded software development having been adopted as the basis for products from major Linux vendors such as Monta Vista, LynuxWorks and Wind River.  In this practical, hands-on book Doug Abbott takes you through the software development process using Eclipse with a specific emphasis on Linux.

Topics include:

  • Basic Eclipse operation

  • The C/C++ Development Toolkit
  • Debugging
  • Connecting to a remote target
  • Plug-ins

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5-day In-house Embedded Linux class

Need to bring your engineering team up to speed fast?  Embedded Linux -- 5-day Intensive is a fast-paced, hands-on class that covers all the topics crucial to putting Linux in embedded devices.  Basically, this class takes our two 3-day classes and squeezes them into one 5-day extravaganza!


Public Classes available through Linux Certified


Intellimetrix has teamed up with Linux Certified to offer embedded Linux training classes in Sunnyvale, CA.  Check out the current offerings and schedule:



Books by Doug Abbott

The Embedded Bookshelf

A selection of quality books on Linux, real-time operating systems, and embedded hardware and software.  Suggest your own favorites for inclusion.

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