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Linux Device Drivers -- Programming at the kernel level

Modules 7 and 9 of this course describe using a single board computer such as the Embedded Linux Learning Kit to exercise real hardware. Alternatively, modules 8 and 9 make use of a 25-pin parallel port connector with a pair of LEDs to illustrate accessing hardware. Either approach is valid. Note however that the parallel port approach requires a native parallel port on your workstation. A USB-to-parallel converter won't work.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can assemble this connector yourself from the schematic included in the class notes.

 Otherwise, purchase it here.

$9.95 DB-25P connector with 2 LEDs.  Includes first class shipping in the US.


Code examples for course exercises.  Untar in your home directory.

Introduction to Embedded Linux

Students taking the Introduction to Embedded Linux course and/or the Linux Device Drivers course from gogotraining.com or dashcourses.com have an opportunity to purchase the Embedded Linux Learning Kit at an attractive discount.

If you already have the target board, either the Mini2440 or Mini2451, you can order the instructional material only.

Shipping and handling:  USPS Priority Mail
Within the United States Free
International:  $35

$169 Embedded Linux Learning Kit with universal power supply, LCD, and cables.
Target Board
$69 Instructional material only: manual and CD for either the Mini2440 or Mini2451.
International Shipping via USPS Priority Mail
$35 Must be selected for International orders.

CentOS 7 Linux distribution

We have recently moved up to the CentOS 7 Linux distribution, which is a much more stable distribution than Fedora.

You can download the CentOS 7 distribution image here: CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1511.iso. Or you can purchase a Live CD or DVD when you purchase the kit.

$7.95 CentOS 7 media

 record_sort.tar.gz Record sorting example for Module 5
 pseudo_code.pdf Pseudo code examples for fork() and threads in Module 7

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