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Embedded Linux Learning Kit

Shipping:  US Postal Service First Class package
Within the United States:  Free
International:  $45

Contact us for shipping costs on multiple quantities or for other shipping options.
Embedded Linux Learning Kit: Raspberry Pi 3B ver. 1.2, Matrix peripheral board, universal power supply, micro SD card, serial debug cable and User's Guide.

Instructional material only:  User's Guide, Matrix peripheral board and micro SD card.

First class package: Free
Priority Mail: $10
        Priority Mail: $35



Shipping:  US Postal Service First Class Package
Within the United States:  Accessories ship free if ordered with kit. $2 otherwise.
International:  $35 (International customers select "With kit". Shipping will be added at checkout)

USB to Ethernet adapter. Available with or without Ethernet cable. Cables generally vary between 3 and 6 feet.

International customers add $35 shipping by selecting one of the "Int'l" options

Power Switch

Power Switch. $5.95 when ordered with kit. $7.95 if ordered separately.


CentOS 7 Media

Our currently recommended Linux distribution is CentOS 7, the open source version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

You can download the CentOS 7 distribution image here: http://isodirect.centos,org. Or you can purchase a DVD when you purchase the kit.

Shipping and handling via US Postal Service:
If not ordered with an Embedded Linux Learning Kit
Within the US:
        Media Mail:  Free
        Priority:      $8
        Priority Mail:       $35
CentOS 7 installation media


CD for Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications, 2nd Edition

This CD includes the tools and sample software referred to in the book.  Contents include:
  • Blue Cat lite embedded environment with examples
  • RTAI real-time Linux extensions with examples and Linux kernel source tree
  • Eclipse and GCC tool chain
  • uClinux
  • Busybox
  • tinylogin
Shipping and handling via US Postal Service:
Within the US:
First class:  Free
Priority:       $8
Priority:        $35

Embedded Linux Book CD

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